SCAD graduation New Alumni Concert 2014 in Forsyth Park will feature Mutemath, Lucero, Brett Dennen

I’ve been getting a number of hits here at Savannah Unplugged from folks searching for info about SCAD’s annual New Alumni Concert in Forsyth Park. The event over the years has featured some stellar shows — Ziggy Marley, Michael Franti, James Brown, and many others.

I love the lineup for this year — Mutemath, Lucero, and Brett Dennen — but I’m always cautious and worried about our poorly designed “bandshell” in Forsyth, which is at least three feet too low and surrounded by the virtual moat of a little-used fountain. It’s a terrible design.

The reason I didn’t write about the lineup announcement here before now: since last fall, I’ve been editing the music blog hissing lawns, where Anna Chandler promptly put up an excellent post about the May 30th show: Mutemath, Lucero, Brett Dennen to play SCAD New Alumni Concert

I also put a link to that post on the Savannah Unplugged Facebook page.

So go check out Anna’s coverage if you want more info on the bands.

Here’s a shot I took of Lucero from their gig earlier this year at The Jinx: