Savannah Stopover about to take over 10 downtown venues for 3 exciting days

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In past years, I wrote a lot about Savannah Stopover here on Savannah Unplugged, but that activity is now at hissing lawns.

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And click here to go straight to the Stopover website, where you can see the lineup, purchase passes and so forth.

In the wake of efforts by Savannah Rocks!, there has been considerable talk this winter about using rock and roll to unite various generations of musicians and music lovers. Well, here’s a chance for some of the older members of that movement to dive for three days into Savannah’s most vibrant venues, to hear some of Savannah’s young acts at local label showcases, and to catch some of the top up-and-coming indie acts from Brooklyn, Nashville, Baltimore, and other cities.

Hope to see a lot of my readers out this weekend at various venues. It’s a thrilling three days.

The Weeks will be headlining Saturday’s free evening concert in Ellis Square. Love “Brother in the Night”: