A few photos of today’s warehouse fire in Savannah

Details aren’t complete, but I have so far seen no reports of injuries in today’s massive warehouse fire at the Georgia Ports Authority. Over 5,000 tons of rubber are stored in the building that is on fire — and the fire has been going on for several hours now.

I’ve taken a few iPhone shots, below.

SCAD dorm residents, guests at nearby hotels, and presumably others have been told to stay inside, but it appears that the smoke is pretty much going straight up from the source and then drifting more or less southeast. I’m a couple of miles from the site, but I can’t smell the fire at this point. Apparently the smell is worse in a few spots even farther away.

The panoramas here are taken from Bull Street near the intersection of 32nd St. — you’ll need to click on those for larger versions. [If you’re looking for video, check this out.]