What would Savannah look like in the snow?

As it turns out, Savannah looks beautiful in the snow, even it is just fake snow.

For a few hours this morning, I attended a meeting of a newly formed committee of the Georgia House that’s making stops around the state to look at the music industry. When I biked back home close to noon, I cam across the filming on Gordon Street, just off Monterey Square, of a Belk Christmas commercial.

I didn’t have a good camera with me, but I did have my iPhone.

On Tuesday, they were shooting snowy scenes on Broughton Street, but I haven’t seen any images posted of that.




And here’s a video of a recent Belk commercial that was shot in Savannah. Can you recognize the locations?

The first scene is at 700 Drayton at The Mansion, then out in front of The Paris Market on Broughton, then Bull Street in front of Local 11 Ten and the American Legion, then Forsyth Park, and finally the riverfront.

By the way, the Savannah Film Office is the local body that facilitates productions like these Belk shoots. I really don’t have any inside scoop at all, but this week the head of that office, Jay Self, has been suspended pending termination for some as yet unreleased reason.