Black Tusk at The Jinx – photos

As I noted in a recent preview post, the Savannah-based metal trio Black Tusk took the stage of The Jinx on Friday night for one of their relatively rare local gigs.

The band’s new EP Tend No Wounds is out on Relapse Records and of course available on iTunes. The band’s Facebook page has over 31,000 fans.

Andrew, Athon, and James probably knew most of Saturday night’s crowd by name — some of their earliest supporters and closest friends were in the audience.

The bar was pretty much packed, but there was enough room for me to move around pretty easily to get shots from different spots. The lighting was intense at times — bright reds and bright blues, especially — so I had to desaturate some of the images for them to read well. Any photographers out there on the route of Black Tusk’s upcoming tours (they’re headed to Europe for a month in September and October) are advised to get themselves to the show. The tattoos, the sheer energy, Athon’s beard and piercing eyes, Andrew’s long hair, James’ intense gaze, the whole theatricality of metal — there are plenty of reasons why photographers with good lowlight equipment would want to turn out.

I had a great time listening to Black Tusk live for the first time in quite a while, and I sure had fun shooting the show too. The first few photos are of the projection of the video for Black Tusk’s “Truth Untold”:

I also got some shots of the opener Bastard Congregation, which I’ll include at the bottom, along with one photo of DJ Metal Rob.

Click for larger versions.

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And here’s the opener Bastard Congregation and DJ Metal Rob:

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