The race to replace Pete Liakakis as Chatham County Commission Chairman might be down to two. I say “might” because things are still pretty tight on the Republican side.

Al Scott was running unopposed for the Democratic seat, so he’s a lock for the November election.

But the Republican side featured three candidates with a fair bit of name recognition and experience.

With 88 of 89 precincts reporting (and with the possibility of provisional or absentee ballots still to be included — I’m not sure), here’s the breakdown for the Republican nomination:

Eddie DeLoach 8686 51.33%
Billy Hair 4528 26.76%
Walter Crawford 3707 21.91%

If DeLoach stays above 50 percent, and it seems virtually certain that he will, he’ll face Al Scott in the fall.

One Response to Eddie DeLoach appears to avoid runoff in Republican primary for Chatham County Commission Chairman

  1. Cynthia DeLoach says:

    We were very happy with the election results. As citizens of Chatham County, we need to encourage everyone to vote.