Doug Mains & The City Folk / Sauna Heat – The Sentient Bean – 08/10/12

I know very little about Doug Mains & The City Folk, but I’m really looking forward to this gig.

From The Sentient Bean’s event listing:

As many musicians find themselves drowning in a sea of independent, redundant artistry, Doug Mains & the City Folk of Lansing, Michigan have continued to prove that they can victoriously rise to the surface of the local music scene. Bearing an appealing twist on modern folk music and a contagious passion, the five-piece, indie-folk group is able to swiftly catch the ears of many with their gripping three-part harmonies and breath-taking use of stringed instruments that truly give breath and life to every individual song.

Check out this great clip (take a deep breath and relax — it moves wonderfully slowly):

Doug Mains and the City Folk from gbs detroit on Vimeo.

Sauna Heat is a side project of Triathalon bass player Michael Younker. Here’s a sense of the sound he’s working with this summer, with clear echoes of the surf rock of Triathalon:

Michael Younker of Sauna Heat

I checked out Sauna Heat at the Hairy Chest Fest on July 4th at Taco Abajo.

I’m a big fan of Triathalon, as I have said many times including here and here.