G. Love & Special Sauce: photos from Live Wire

The last time G. Love & Special Sauce played Savannah, they headlined SCAD’s New Alumni Concert in Forsyth Park.

On Wednesday night, they played Live Wire Music Hall on River Street. There was a great crowd not troubled by the $30 tickets at the door. When else could fans get a chance to see G. Love up close and personal like that.

The sight lines are tough at Live Wire because of the low ceiling, but it certainly creates a real intimacy — at several points G. Love (who was joined at the end of the show by opening act Kristy Lee and a rapper with whom he used to work whose name I didn’t catch) came right down to the front of the stage, literally inches from fans.

The sound and lighting were pretty spectacular. This was another Wagatail production — other recent shows included Dirty Dozen Brass Band.

You can click for supersized versions and use the directional arrows. I couldn’t see the bass player from where I was standing most of the night.

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