First video from Savannah band Aurora: “Back to the Guns”

I first mentioned the young Savannah band Aurora in a post about a No Control show that included Triathalon and Cusses. Maybe it’s just because I’m old, but I hear all sorts of 80s New Wave influences in the music and in lead singer Jake Ellis’ voice.

Today Aurora posted its first video, “Back to the Guns”. It’s produced, directed, and mixed by Michael Winters.

Most of the band is graduating from SCAD on Saturday, June 2nd. Aurora plans to stick together for a while, do some more recording, and book additional shows.

But the last Savannah date for the foreseeable future is a party on Thursday night on a bill that again includes Triathalon.

The new video:

And here are a couple of other tracks:

And a few of the pics that I shot at that No Control show:

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You can find Aurora on Facebook.