Merry Christmas, Part 2 (beer on Sunday, link to today’s column, Mannheim Steamroller)

Early here on Christmas morning, someone wound up on my blog after doing an internet search for the following phrase: “can u buy beer on christmas in savannah”

The answer, amazingly, is yes. Liquor can’t be sold in the state on Christmas, but package sales of beer and wine are legal, and Sunday sales went into effect in Savannah last week.

Thats a seemingly small thing, but I’ve learned over the last year that small things matter. A lot. In a difficult economy, small issues that improve quality of life take on an even greater importance.

And when an economy is poised on a knife-edge, it’s small decisions that will likely determine whether we lean to the side of slow growth or slip back into recession. Most of those key decisions are national ones, but there are obviously many state and local decisions that have an impact too.

In my City Talk column today, I take a sort of scattered look back at the local economy in 2011. In next Sunday’s column, I’ll look ahead.

Merry Christmas.