Election season over — now what?

Not all of my candidates won in this year’s elections in Savannah, but I’m relieved that the campaign season is over.

Now we can get down to holding the winners accountable for the pledges they have made — and to working with them to implement policies that will boost business prospects and generally make Savannah an even better place to live.

I have a guest post at Peach Pundit this morning — sort of a wrap-up of the mayoral race. There’s probably not a lot new there for regular readers of mine, but you might want to nose around the site. Peach Pundit will no doubt be providing some especially vital commentary about state politics and policies as the legislature enters its 2012 session.

All of my posts about the recent elections can be found here. I’ll leave that page intact and might even add to it if any final numbers leap out at me in the next few days, but I will remove the link from the menu above soon.

Congratulations to the winners — and to the losers, too, for their spirited campaigns.