A few updates to this blog

Hello all. Thanks to those of you who have been reading Savannah Unplugged regularly. And thanks to those of you who check in only occasionally or are here for the first time.

Almost all new posts are announced via Twitter. Click here to follow me.

I am not quite as regular with the updates, but Savannah Unplugged also has its own Facebook page.

I make periodic updates on Google Plus.

I recently changed the template for pages; now all pages and posts have a single sidebar on the right. I also have very slightly changed the position of one of the Google Adsense ads that appears on posts. That appears to have increased my revenue slightly without interfering with the readability of posts.

I also recently added a feed to my sidebar that has links to my most recent Savannah Morning News columns. I have also added a box for donations via PayPal, although I do not know if I will continue that.

I have been using the Google Affiliated Network, but I’m not sure I’ll continue that either. All the retailers in the sidebar are part of GAN. I actually get a percentage of any sales that result from traffic from my blog to those sites, but the amount of sales has been negligible and the presence of those ads might be hurting the more profitable Google Adsense ads.

The number of page views has been averaging over 220 per day over the last six months, although the daily numbers are really erratic. I’m going to keep making some serious posts about the economy, although some are viewed by very very few readers. A lot of those posts have turned out to be good for me — they have forced me to collate data and compile links that I have revisited repeatedly.

The addition of Facebook Comments has encouraged a bit more interactivity, but the majority of my friends on Facebook continue to comment on links on my personal page rather than on the blog itself.

I’ve enjoyed the blog so far, and I find that it has taken less time now that I finally have so many decisions made about its design and direction.

Thanks again, Bill.