Savannah’s 2011 general election: a good day for booze, school system, and term limits

Sunday package sales of beer, wine, and liquor was approved in Tuesday’s vote for every municipality in Chatham County except Garden City, where it failed 601 to 546. (One realizes just how small some of our municipalities are on election day . . .)

Sunday sales won by the largest margin — you guessed it — on Tybee, 83% to 17%. It also passed by a significant margin in Thunderbolt, in the unincorporated county, and in Savannah (60% to 40%). There were much narrower wins in Pooler, Port Wentworth, and Bloomingdale.

I expected Sunday sales to pass in Savannah, but I thought the outcome would be a little closer than it turned out to be.

I did not vote for the extension of the 1% sales tax for education infrastructure (ESPLOST), but it passed easily in the countywide vote: 67% to 33%.

I’m surprised that a similarly lopsided majority opposed the removal of term limits for Chatham County chairman. I thought that two-time chairman Pete Liakakis had successfully personalize the referendum so that his supporters would vote yes, but the measure failed 65% to 35%.