Getting around town during the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon — course map, road closures, lineup of bands

My advice for getting around town during the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon: put off those errands for a few hours unless you have to do them early on Saturday. If you live in outlying areas, you won’t be affected much, but if you need to get through town, it’s going to be tough till mid-afternoon. If you have to get out and about, keep in mind that Victory Drive will remain open, although one lane will be closed until at least 11:45 a.m. That’s probably the best bet for those who have to go across town.

Otherwise, biking and walking should give spectators plenty of chances to see the race. Runners will make the final turn literally two blocks from my house — one of the few times that north Thomas Square turns out to be the perfect neighborhood to live in (not counting the proximity to the American Legion!).

Here’s the info on road closures (click for larger version):

And here’s the map of the race:

Here is the lineup of bands on the course: