A few pictures from Armstrong Day

Last Wednesday was Armstrong Day, a great gathering at Armstrong Atlantic State University.

I started teaching part-time at Armstrong in fall of 2000 and am now an English instructor. I’ve written before (see here and here) about the huge changes on the campus over the last decade: the growing residential presence, the increased diversity, the sense of growth and optimism even in the face of difficult economic challenges.

I love working there, and last week’s gathering — which featured dozens of booths run by student organizations plus booths set up by other campus-related groups like the free BBQ from the alumni association and the plant sale by the landscape crew — seemed to me to epitomize all the positive trends.

I took some photos with my newish little Nikon Coolpix camera. The quality if not what I usually get from my DSLR, but it sure is easy to carry around.

The pictures are below this coverage from Sonny Dixon and WTOC (there’s a short commercial first and I appear briefly looking rather idiotic taking a picture):

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