Local press covers Price Street changes

I posted a couple of weeks ago about the looming changes to Price Street in Savannah, which will likely turn from a horrid two-lane, one-way speedway to a much friendlier street with one lane of vehicular traffic, a bike lane, and a lane of parking.

The Savannah Morning News editorial page weighed in today with Road improvement: This Price is right. It reads in part:

Transportation is more than just speed. It’s also about neighborhoods, safety and the quality of life.

For that reason, the city’s plans to convert Price Street from what essentially is a two-lane speedway out of the downtown to a more friendly, urban roadway is encouraging.

Jim Morekis at Connect Savannah also wrote a great piece this week, The white stripes come to Price. An excerpt:

“I’m not always an advocate of bike lanes if they’re not well thought out, but this plan looks like it’s really going to be good,” says Frank McIntosh, executive director of the Savannah Bicycle Campaign.

“A lot of thought went into engineering it,” he says. “For cyclists there will be huge traffic calming measures. The lives of people living on the street will be improved.”

That said, not much will actually be done to the road: No widening, no resurfacing, no curb cuts.

It mostly comes down to the paint.

“The only thing changing is the white stripes,” says Heather Fish, Citizen Specialist for the City of Savannah. “Adding paint on a road adds the perception of boundaries. Right now the perception is that Price Street has no boundaries.”

There’s obviously much more about the project in both those pieces.