New Georgia license plate: down to the final three!!

Well, here’s just what you’ve been waiting for on a hot hot Wednesday in mid-July.

As of this morning, Georgians can view — but not vote on — three finalists for the new state license plate. I wrote about the quarterfinal round of 8 choices previously. I complained then about “In God We Trust” on some of the designs, but I gather that that would be placed via a sticker that would have a nominal additional charge. Still, wouldn’t it make sense to leave that spot for the county designation?

According to this morning’s press release, over 400,000 people voted in that quarterfinal round. The three finalists are now being handed to Governor Deal, who will announce the new design on Friday, July 15th.

Here are the three finalists:

Easy choice: #7. The other two represent peach overkill.

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