Leopold’s ranked as #5 top ice cream shop in the world

A few days ago, I made fun of Savannah’s ranking of #7 on a list of best U.S. and Canadian cities in a survey of the World’s Best Cities in Travel and Leisure.

But here’s a list I can sink my teeth into. Last month, VirtualTourist.com — distributed by Tribune Media Services Inc. and published by the Toronto Sun — ranked Leopold’s Ice Cream as the #5 ice cream shop in the world. Ahead of Leopold’s on the list were: 1. SCOOPS, LOS ANGELES, CALIF., 2. GIUSEPPE RICCI, MADRID, SPAIN, and 3. THE ORIGINAL CHINATOWN ICE CREAM FACTORY, NEW YORK, N.Y., and 4. GROM, TORINO, ITALY.

Here’s the text about Leopold’s, which cleverly dances around the issue that the shop was closed for decades before being reopened by movie producer Stratton Leopold and his wife Mary:

Founded in 1919, Leopold’s Ice Cream has been a mainstay in Savannah for many years. This classic, yet modern shop prides itself in continuing to serve original recipes from the early 1900s. You can indulge in signature flavours like Tutti Frutti and Butter Pecan, or try a scrumptious new treat like Bananas Foster or Thin Mints and Cream. No matter what flavour you choose, your taste buds will thank you!

I’ve never had a bad experience at Leopold’s, and I generally end up ordering the double scoop with Lemon Custard ice cream and Chocolate Raspberry ice cream. Wow.

A couple of years ago when my folks were in town, it was an extra special treat for them when Stratton sat down and chatted with us for a few minutes.

By the way, Stratton and Mary will be on The View on Friday, July 15th.

Stratton’s IMDB page is worth a look too. It’s especially fun to see him behind the counter making shakes and malts for unsuspecting, aspiring filmmakers during the Savannah Film Festival.

For more on Leopold’s, visit their newsy website here.