A Wednesday night surprise: The Bright Light Social Hour

When some of us imagine a better music scene around town, here’s what we’d like to see more of:

It’s a random Wednesday night. The Bright Light Social Hour, an indie band from Austin, is in the area, traveling from a gig in Florida on their way to Athens (a gig that ended up being cancelled). They have never played in Savannah but had heard about Hang Fire from friends with the band Frontier Brothers, which played the bar in 2009.

They get in touch with owner Wes Daniel, who books them after Wednesday night trivia, makes lasagna for them, and then lets them do their thing. Wes posts a great YouTube video on his Facebook page. I repost it. A friend suggests we go . . . and the next thing I know I’m enjoying a wonderful high-energy, blues-influenced set from a great band I’d never heard of.

I loved their live version of “Back and Forth,” and pretty much all the other songs in their 70 minute set, especially the cover of Muddy Waters’ “Mannish Boy.”

I didn’t pay a cover, but was happy to plunk down $10 for a CD. It looked like some other people were buying too. I signed up for the email list.

I feel certain I’ll hear The Bright Light Social Hour sometime again.